The East Yorkshire Coast is rich in seafood - some of the worlds best crab, lobster and shellfish is fished here. Its unspoilt views have long made it a popular holiday destination but it's also a place where you can eat local produce, see a thriving fishing industry in action and encounter some of the most fascinating wildlife you'll find anywhere in Britain. Dive in and see what you can discover...


Where to buy

The dominance of supermarkets and changing tastes in the nations diet and reliance of convenience foods has threatened local fishmongers, but there is hope.

The Edge of Britain

Welcome to the East Yorkshire Coast. It's a strip on the Eastern edge of England that encompasses lively holiday resorts and quiet villages, gently rolling landscape and towering cliffs.

The Holderness Coast Fishery

The Holderness Coast fishery (covering the East Riding of Yorkshire coast from Flamborough Head in the north to Spurn Point in the south) has seen significant change in the recent past with the decline of whitefish stocks and restrictions on fishing.



A snapshot of the coast
On the sands
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Where to buy


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